Deacon’s Letter – August 2014

Dear Friends,

With so many deacon letters having been written over the years, it is difficult to avoid repetition, and to keep things ‘fresh’. However, some things need to be said a few times before they are understood. This is particularly so concerning the things of God.

There is more to life than simply going through the motions. There is a wealth of spiritual life to be explored, yet few seem to be interested. There are many religions and cults, but only One Saviour. My parents named me, but it is God who claimed me and tamed me! As with all those who have given their lives to Jesus.

This world, has entered a very uncertain age, and our own stable’, comfortable little country is no less vulnerable that the rest! Just a few weeks’ ago, one newspaper headline read: ‘the public are too complacent about the terror threat in the U.K.’ We surely all heard how school governors were discovered to be radical Muslim extremists! We learn, almost on a daily basis, of terrible, ungodly things that are going on in this country. ‘We’ are lost in our greed, self-gratification and lawlessness, having no fear of God whatsoever. I don’t like condemning my country, as many years’ ago we were a peaceable, God-fearing nation, and (I would say) contented. We have stopped believing and trusting in God and we have done so to our detriment. Worse still, we blame Him for things that go wrong! While minds, especially young minds, are continually being corrupted and polluted, through wicked people (via the Interent, social media or worse!), God gets the blame and many won’t accept that there is also a devil!

We are created as people with flesh and blood, we are not robots! Therefore, we have choice and free will, and we reap what we sow. God wants the best for us, living His Way, and that is why He sent Jesus. Jesus, who was born in lowly and unpleasant conditions. Jesus, who spent thirty-three years in virtual poverty and discomfort having thoughts only for others. Jesus, who hung on a filthy cross for three hours, in hell, bearing every sin and temptation, sadness and grief known to man. (See John 3 v.16). 2.

Keep Believing

When your darkest days appear, and things are going badly wrong,

Keep believing that God loves you, and that to Him you still belong.

When life’s ‘walls’ hem you in, and you feel so much weighed down,

Keep believing Jesus loves you, and that one day you’ll wear a crown.

There is nothing that we go through, which God does not understand,

Just believe He’ll always love you, and give to Him your trembling hand.

He alone is Lord of all and is faithful for His Name’s sake,

Keep believing that He loves you, and that you’re certainly no mistake!

Vivienne Lacey

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