Takeing God’s message into the community

Dear Friends

I am writing this the day after our church meeting.

I was thrilled by the reaction to the suggestion, at yesterday’s meeting, that we have more church gatherings so that the fellowship can have a greater say in how we discern God’s will for our church, and how we can use our multitude of gifts to be a light for Jesus in our area.

Even as we implement this suggestion we see that our new venture into the Village Market each month is already in place with lots of ideas and activities planned for this outreach into our community. Please come along to the Market, usually the last Saturday in the month, to see the village ‘on show’ and to support our part in it.

Almost as a confirmation of our decision to rely more upon the church fellowship for ideas to cement our oneness and to reach out into the community, I was surprised at the plan to have a family camping trip. Surprised, and delighted as this was a completely new suggestion, fearful that I might have to resurrect my camping days of many years ago, and terrified that the trip was in the near future. I never did camping in cold weather. However I understand that the date is yet to be set but will definitely be later in the year when the air has warmed up a bit.

In the dark cold days of February it is sometimes easy to stay comfortable and warm and difficult to feel excited about anything. Our church meeting yesterday with its emphasis on HOW we take God’s message into the community rather than IF we can find the time or energy to do so did exactly that for me. I checked my note to you from last month’s newsletter as I remember writing it with great optimism. Here is just a sentence that I wrote for our January edition:

“We (Vivien and I) look forward with anticipation, hope and excitement as the new year dawns and trust God will pour out His richest blessing upon our tiny part of His Kingdom and keep us all joyful in our worship, giving and service for Him as we go into the new year truly believing that “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians. Ch.4v.13)”

For me, and you I hope, I am feeling that anticipation, hope and excitement grow as we look forward to new opportunities to worship and serve the one and only living God.

With my Christian Love to you all:


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