Life in a troubled world

We live in very troubled and traumatic times. We cannot turn on our TV or open a newspaper without being bombarded by news of yet more atrocities all over the world, corruption, greed and selfishness. Is this a jaundiced view or simply facing truth in all its horror? How do the wrongs so prevalent in today’s society impact on our lives? Are we so obsessed with the bad around us we loose perception of a great deal of goodness and kindness in our society which can so easily get overlooked.

Pastor David Bulley from Lapford Congregational Church will be speaking over the next few weeks about how our troubled world really is and how we can deal with the impact it can have on our lives. He will be exploring how easy it is to become disheartened but also how there is real light and hope deeply embedded in our troubled world.

The series begins on Sunday July 12th at 11.00am asking the question “Are we deluded?” and continues until 6th September. Full details of dates and subjects can be found in the Congregational Church box elsewhere in the Lookout or on our website,

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