Lapford ROC conversation update

Lapford ROC Conversation.

On bonfire night we held a ROC conversation in Lapford. Over 50 people attended representing over 30 different groups. We discussed what we loved about Lapford and where we thought we would be able to come together to do better.

Many great positives were raised including the Revel, the Victory hall, the Lookout, the pub, the village market and Hi 5.

There was great deal of excitement about how the Ark could impact the community and the good work it had already done.

There were four points that came up repeatedly where we felt that we could do better as a village. Namely, provision of youth services for teenagers, care for isolated people of all ages in the village, communication between groups (particularly at the planning stages of projects and events) and public transport links.

In January, we propose to hold two follow up meetings to plan our next steps. One meeting to focus particularly on youth and the second looking holistically at all the points raised.

Those who came to the original meeting will receive an email from Adrian Wyatt about the follow up meetings. If you would like to get involved and didn’t attend the original meeting please get in touch.

We also have a new ROC Lapford facebook page where you can join in the discussion and have your say. Find it here.

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