A new year with new challenges, new initiatives and new inspiration.

A new year with new challenges, new initiatives, new inspiration (I hope) and a new Motto Text to learn and try to live by.

Our Motto Text this year comes from the 1st letter of John and is as follows:

But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. 1 John 2 verse 5.

As we venture into 2016 I trust, with me, you will be able to take up the new challenges which will inevitably face us; be open to new initiatives which may challenge our traditional way of ‘doing’ church; and in being obedient to our Lord’s leading, be inspired to be A people and a fellowship which shines ever brighter for Him in Lapford and the surrounding area. I will do my best to serve my Lord and you as he inspires and leads me, to the very best of my ability, trusting him for the strength, passion, wisdom, grace and love to serve obediently as our Motto Text says. I am reminded of that lovely verse that Paul wrote to his friends in the church at Philippi: “I can do everything through him who gives me strength”. (Philippians.4:13)

Vivien and I wish you a blessed New Year and look forward to sharing both the challenges and the joys which await us in the coming months.


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