November 2017 Deacons Letter

Dear friends,

The last time I wrote a deacon letter Viv and I were in Australia; we have now been home for six months and it seems an age away! Since our return, a lot seems to have happened, both in our personnel lives and in the life of the church. We have been on a deacon ‘away day’ to plan for the future, agreement of the plans and the new ‘Vision Statement’ by the church meeting. Pastor Caroline’s Induction service, an all age ‘Messy Church’ and BBQ, a family service, an application made for funds to employ a Youth Worker, and the planned Vintage Messy Church. Blessing of the flags for the scouts with a new style family service, and the first children’s ‘Messy Church’ on Halloween, (I must confess the last two have not yet happened as I write! But pray that they will).

We are going through an exciting time of change. However, not every new thing will work perfectly first time, or even at all, therefore we must be patient as we try them out. It has been said  “If one does not accept change, we won’t just stand still but will actually go backwards! With all we try we must continually ask for God blessing and guidance, and I’m sure He will let us know if what we are doing is not to His liking! I thank God that we have the freedom and opportunity to help build up His Kingdom.

I mentioned the new Vision Statement above, and believe it is worth reminding ourselves of what we agreed to:

“Lapford Congregational Church exists to: Worship God and serve our community by bringing individuals into God’s family, through making friends, being a friend and bringing those friends into the church family, and supporting growth in each others faith.”

Are we living up to this statement? That is the challenge, and is why we are trying some new ideas to encourage people interest in God and the church. However, as so often seems to happen, we may not see the benefits today, but we will have sown the seeds for God to water.

It is our duty to be disciples, spread the Word, and to build God’s Kingdom. Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission (Matthew 28 vs.18, 19): Jesus came near and said to them: Full authority in heaven and earth has been committed to me. Go therefore to all nations and make them my disciples’…” we are today disciples! (Acts 7 vs. 49): “Heaven is my throne and earth my footstool. What kind of house will you build for me, says the Lord; where will my resting place be?” We are building God house!

We must remain persistent in our pursuit of the task God has given us, and not give up if things don’t ‘go to plan’ but continue to pray for God’s help and blessing.


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