Deacons Letter for February 2018

Deacon’s letter

 Dear friends,

We seem to be in a season of preparation. A few weeks ago we heard a sermon all about seeds and just last week Pastor Caroline mentioned how important attitude was, comparing Jonah and the disciples. In my own thoughts and prayers there also seems to be this re-occurring theme of preparing the ground.

In Matthew 13 Jesus talks about the parable of the sower. In each case, the seed is the same. The sower is the same. Only the ground varies and that makes all the difference. It’s probably a very familiar story to a lot of us, but how often do we actually reflect on it and on how we should prepare our own minds to bear God’s fruit?

Last year, I tried to grow potatoes in my garden. My neighbour did the same. His plants grew strong and yielded an impressive array of crop. I harvested only three tiny, squishy potatoes. Peter wasn’t impressed. He stood on them. What made the difference? My neighbour carefully prepared the ground. I didn’t. The same can happen within ourselves. If we are not mindful of the way we think and feel, it can become harder for the fruits of the Spirit to grow and thrive. It can become harder for God’s Word to take root in our hearts.

So friends, let us take the time to reflect once more on the parable of the sower and think about how we can prepare the ground to grow God’s word in our own hearts.

Much Love,


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