Deacons Letter April 2018


Many are they that falter on life’s journey.

We are tested in so many ways – sometimes it seems like an endurance test – the ‘reins’ are being pulled tight and we struggle to free ourselves.  It is only when we are at our lowest depths of despair, that God reaches out to us, and touches our soul with His all-encompassing love and compassion.

Communing with God in prayer and meditation allows this to happen, on a personal level, and a worldwide vision for Peace.  (John 3:27)

Many people’s lives are being threatened, with violence, in so many ways – many thousands are homeless, and wandering in the ‘wilderness’ with no proper home to care for their families – others are still imprisoned, just because they are Christians…..

It is a dark and troubled world that we live in today.  Let us open our hearts and minds to these people – they are human beings just like us.  (John 8:12)

We must ask for God’s Light to shine upon us to lighten our darkness, to give us strength and wisdom to move forward – to face the future with hope and anticipation – with God’s grace it can be done …

Yvonne Thayer

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