Deacons Letter June 2018

Dear friends,

Billy Graham once asked the principal of Harvard University in the U.S.A. “What is the worst thing facing young people today?” He answered: “They feel empty and unfulfilled.”  Billy then said: “Only the Lord Jesus can fill that emptiness,” (by God’s Holy Spirit of course).

In the U.K. mental illness among the young is startlingly prevalent!  There are a number of reasons for this, for example: too little sleep – many lose many hours by focusing on information fed to them through computers or i-pads.  It is recommended screens should not be viewed for at least thirty minutes, preferably an hour before sleep.  Parents therefore need to be strong and remove those gadgets or disconnect the computers which rob the young of their sleep!  Another reason for their lack of sleep, in my humble opinion, is what is being viewed and digested.  Much of what we adults see and hear on computers or television, we can well do without; and certainly young people should never be exposed to such misleading ideas and horror.

I am convinced that many of the terrible crimes committed by the youth in our country, and in particular London, are the bye product of wrong information, especially that which is aimed at the young.  I so admire those who are street pastors, helping those who have been drinking heavily at unearthly hours of the night.  Sadly, there are adults who are happy to get, and even pay for, drinks for those who are under aged!

On a lighter note, Peter and I look forward to watching the royal wedding on Saturday 19th, as I’m sure a very high percentage of people will also want to do.  Prince Harry, I believe, is a man of principles, some of which he will have learned through his army service.  Certainly he seems to command great respect from his ex-comrades, and surely he will have been given a firm grounding in Christianity when he was younger, most of which may well have come from the Queen herself.  Megan Markel has recently been confirmed and baptised into the Anglican church, and is very caring as is Harry.  I like to think many youngsters will take an interest in the wedding, ‘though I wouldn’t think boys would be so keen to watch!

What is really needed is for this nation to pray for our children and young adults.  I must say I am as guilty as anyone in not praying for them, with the only exception being those in our own family and in the church.  Computers and i-pads etc. are here to stay, but if parents take more responsibility in monitoring their children things might be a lot different.  Also more discipline needs to be applied; children should have boundaries around them.  Having said that, in reality it is nigh impossible to ‘keep tags on them,’ especially boys.  It is possible up to school age, but then it is not quite so easy as children go to their friends for tea, play outside together and so on.

I can remember getting very angry with the mother of one of Charlie’s friends after she had dropped Charlie back home. Either she or one of the boys mentioned the film they had been watching, which was an 18 rated film.  Charlie & his friend were only about 12-13 years’ old, and Peter and I would never have allowed Rob or Charlie to watch those adult films had we owned a DVD player!  Needless-to-say, when we did buy one we continued to monitor what they watched, as we did with television, until they were at a suitable age.  But there was always the problem of other parents not worrying about what children watched, and this is what part of the battle is all about – parents not taking sufficient responsibility.

No, I certainly wasn’t the perfect mum; I made many mistakes, and only wish I knew all those years’ ago what I now know about the Lord.  I’ve heard people say they cannot believe there is a God, and yet blame Him for the bad things that happen!!  How can people think everything simply springs back to life each year, all on its own?  Nothing comes from nothing – how can it?  I have had many things to deal with in my life, but the Lord has been so good to me and I will always be grateful to him for the way things have turned out.

With love in Jesus,  from Vivienne (Viv)


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