Deacon Letter for September 2018

Dear friends,

Tis me again!  Unfortunately, Peter ‘got in’ first with his deacon letter, which included a picture of a rather handsome koala.  By the way, they are not called koala bears in Australia, because they are not bears!  Yes, I’m full of pretty useless information, but please don’t ask Peter if that is true!

Now down to the business of my letter:  Whilst on our flight home, I tuned into a programme which covered the subject of the ‘so-called’ liberating sixties.  I listened carefully to what Michael Caine the actor had to say, and unsurprisingly he was applauding the changes made in that mixed up era!  At times I believe his views were quietly bordering on anarchy, and he revelled in the fact that he had been given a golden opportunity to become an actor.  A very good one I have to admit.  I despised the fact that he seemed to approve of the ‘anything goes’ phase, which had gripped London and spread alarmingly quickly.  I thanked the Lord for bringing about a gradual swing away from that period of madness, which seemed to drag people, mainly the young I’d say, down to a very immoral, negative and frightening level.

It was a period when drugs became the norm for many, and when there were plenty of unwanted pregnancies, which I would imagine could have put some folk who were struggling financially, still further into poverty. The younger generation were encouraged to strike out at society, and to sneer at the need for education.  Some pop groups were an unholy vehicle for inciting bad behaviour.

The way I see it, the poor people of London and beyond, who were in the (say) thirty to seventy bracket, remained poor whilst the younger generation seemed to get richer.  A new ‘freedom’ had taken hold, but surely that ultimately came at a price.

Gradually the younger members of society became more and more brain-washed and sullied, consumed by the desire to ‘do what they wanted to do’, and some even thought it was their right!

The fashion world, the pop music world, and even the hairdressers were having a hey-day, as were the followers of this loony cult!  Yes I too wore shorter skirts and dresses, (not too short mind you), and I enjoyed hearing some of the pop music; but I think I was probably more circumspect than many of my peer group!  Also my taste in music was considerably more varied.

It is quite sad when I think of how our country rallied at the outbreak of both WW1 and WW2, and how the Lord performed many miracles for us in the UK, one of them being when Churchill had ‘his back to the wall’ just before the Americans decided to help us.  Should you be interested, there is a film recently released about this, called “Darkest Hour”.  I praise God that we did not fall to the Nazis!  Contrast all this with what went on during the 1950s & ‘60s.

What is the legacy of the ‘new explosion’ of ideals in the 1960s?  Well, let’s thank God things are as good as they are, but I can’t see that the drug problem will ever go away, and we have certainly become alarmingly liberal.  However, we shouldn’t be surprised at the way things are going, for they are all mentioned in God’s Word.  What does annoy Peter & me is that people seem generally apathetic towards certain immoral decisions being made by some, and who fail to applaud that which is good.  Maybe they are simply not brave enough.  Of course I am generalising, but I do sometimes wonder if we in the UK have ‘lost the plot’.  What is painfully obvious is that we have lost sight of God, and He won’t go where He is not wanted, but He knows all about human nature and I hope and believe He is giving our nation another chance.

One more thing – we must never pray doubting the Lord’s ability to deal with problems, for that is a lack of faith.  We shouldn’t pray selfishly or ‘just for the sake of it’ either.  God does not fail us – we don’t always trust!!


With love in Jesus,

Vivienne (Viv)

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