Pastors Reflections December 2018


Pastors reflections

Gosh where did November go?

Remembrance was a lovely joint service with the village joining together on the green to remember the armistice.  And now we move into advent, remembering that our saviour was born as a baby boy, who grew up and experienced what it is like to be human. To experience all the things that we do so he can sit beside God and mediate for us.   What a wonderful thing that is.

We will be busy buying presents and sending cards cooking the festive fair.  But let’s get ourselves ready to receive this wonderful gift.  Look around you see the lonely people who will find Christmas hard.  The people who have lost family and friends this year, the people who are ill, the people who cannot really afford Christmas but are too proud to let people see, the people who are homeless.  These are the people the young people have been thinking of in the last month.  Let us keep them in our prayers and hearts.

We are having a Christmas lunch on the 9th of December and I would love all my church to come along, we are a big family and families celebrate birthdays, one lovely birthday celebration, for our Lord.  So I hope that you will feel able to join in with this celebration.  Noels choir is joining us again, and we will have our carols by candlelight service.

Pastor Caroline

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