Deacons Letter for March 2019

Dear Friends,


I rarely struggle to think of something to say, (I know Peter would agree with that)! But I do get a bit stuck when it comes to putting my thoughts on paper.

Right, after much thought, I have decided to focus on the issues facing the young today, and there are two ways of looking at the way life is lived now, and how people, particularly the young, perceive it.  But, before I begin to launch into this controversial subject, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to ‘tar all families with the same brush!’  However, I do believe that in homes where God is left out, children miss out!  Whereas, generally speaking, when God is part of a family’s life, children stand a better chance of making the right choices in later life.  Nowadays, we have only to look at the TV advertisements and ‘things’ which, whether requested or not, suddenly appear on the computer, to realise there are people who are ‘in charge’ who could not care less what is shown and learnt by the younger generation.  In fact much is deliberately aimed at that generation, so that they feel impelled to follow ‘the herd’ as it ‘must be OK’, and of course they don’t want to be seen by their friends as different.

The young must often feel a bit confused and pressured (not to mention the parents), as they try to keep up with their peers, in fashion, music and in determining what is right and what is not, especially on the subject of sex, which is wrongfully and unashamedly paraded, and thus pushes them towards the idea that ‘it’s OK if we do this or that.’  In other words, the awful message being sent out is that ‘we have the right to do whatever we want’!

Peter did tell me not to cover a negative subject, but I think we all need to pray for our young people, many of whom are apparently becoming depressed and disappointed in the way they look, and are being attacked verbally on line.  Some are even committing suicide!

The ‘Good News’ papers, which are given out to people around us and throughout our nation, often include stories of people, especially the young, who have been bullied or brain-washed by the Media, and who are now struggling to make sense of life and of themselves.

Jesus said, in Matthew 19 v. 14: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  It may have been Paul Stanbury, who used to help run the Big Blue Bus for the kids in Lapford, who said: “we need to pray for the covering of Jesus’s blood upon the children and youth.  Pray protection over parents and children, especially those who are Christian”.

Another fact I should like to mention is the power of music.  Personally, I enjoy listening to some of most kinds of music, with the exception of modern day ‘rapping’ and other certain discordant ‘noise’!  For me though, classical music reaches the very depths of human feelings, (‘though I do agree some of it can be very dry and/or heavy).  I am convinced that, given the opportunity in early life to hear beautiful, calming or rousing music, many children would be more contented, and less likely to cause problems as they grow older.  Of course, there is always the remote possibility that I am wrong!!  Without a doubt though, the one main ingredient missing in the lives of young people today is the Lord Jesus Christ.  People contradict His existence and deny His power, without even ‘checking Him out’!  There is no argument that can triumph over the Truth that God is in charge, and if He didn’t create the world – who did?!

With Christian love,

From Vivienne (Viv)

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