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Lapford Congregational Church is a small but lively church made up of people of all ages and many different backgrounds. It’s not just for people who seem to have life under control but for ordinary people who live in the real world! So, no matter what issues you face in your life, wherever you feel you are on your ‘spiritual journey’, you are most welcome. Our church is affiliated to the Congregational Federation and as such is an independent Bible believing church whose authority comes from God through our church meeting. All major decisions are made by church members at our regular meetings. Everyone who attends our church is welcome to these meetings to ensure complete openness. The church meeting is responsible for electing the Pastor and Deacons. Our Services We meet every Sunday at 11.00a.m and 6.30p.m. The evening meetings, held in the Sunday School room round the back, are informal and are followed by tea and biscuits. Communion is celebrated in the morning of the second (and fifth if applicable) Sunday and the evening of the third Sunday of each month. Our Leadership

 caroline Noel_Parry
Pastor Caroline Stott Elder Noel Parry
Caroline Gilpin Peter_and_Vivienne_Lacey
Caroline Gilpin Deacons Peter and Vivienne Lacey

Our Head of Children’s Work: Caroline Gilpin Our Organist: Jillian Stals Our Pastor and Deacons meet regularly for prayer and business. They are responsible for the day to day running of the church and the wellbeing of the fellowship. All major decisions on expenditure are referred to the church meeting for consideration. Our Elder, along with our Pastor deals with pastoral issues. Our History Click to download The Light on the Hill, a history of Lapford Congregational church by Noel Parry.

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